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  • Fort Waldhan

    Fort Waldhan is a small fort to the northeast of [[Belhaven]], intended as an observation post and advance guard.

  • Caernaeth

    These dangerous ruins were once the tower and surrounding village of a mighty wizard. No one truly knows exactly what happened here to cause it to fall into such chaos. Adventurers who have risked the perils of the ruins and those who are old enough to …

  • Belhaven

    The city of Belhaven sits astride the Kelgorn River, which flows from the mountains in the north to the [[Sapphire Sea]] to the south. The various [[Noble Houses]] of the city all claim territory both within and without its walls, though these territories …

  • Nerath

    The last great Empire, Nerath was the first major civilization founded by humans. It lasted several hundred years before falling a few centuries ago to the forces of [[Yeenoghu | the Ruler of Ruin]]. The city of [[Belhaven]] is located in the area claimed …

  • Bael Turath

    The Empire of Bael Turath was one of the greatest in all of humankind's history. In the Empire, the noble class (kings, lords, princes, etc.) were completely devoted to the preservation of their power. They were so obsessed with power and glory that they …

  • Sapphire Sea

    The sea which connects the various known lands of the world. The coast of the Sapphire Sea is home to many cities. In some remote areas, roving pirate bands plunder at will, while stronger cities hold these outlaws at bay. One city, [[Turathan]], suffered …

  • Turathan

    A major port city on the coast of the [[Sapphire Sea]]. Sadly, the city flooded during a major hurricane and sank beneath the waves. Some say that the city sank due to the ground giving way in the face of the storm, while others believe the disaster was …

  • Sarubel

    Also called Caravan City, Sarubel is a major trade stop city for caravans far to the northeast of [[Belhaven]]. Sarubel is strategically important due to its location; the Caravan City serves as a major connection between the former [[Nerath | Nerathi]] …

  • Hobb’s Pit

    Shanty town outside the west wall of [[Belhaven]], inhabited primarily by those who can't afford housing of their own. Hobb's Pit is named after Piter Hobb, the self-styled "Vagrant Prince" who led his entourage here shortly before dying. His grave is the …

  • Broin's Groin

    A seedy bar located in the Commons. It is not a pleasant or clean place, and is frequented by non-humans looking to get very plastered very quick.

  • Harlode

    A former stronghold of the dwarves in the [[Stormcrest Mountains]] to the north of [[Belhaven]], Harlode was lost to the forces of [[Morthak]] during the fall of [[Nerath]]. The Demon Lord's forces rule there to this day. Harlode has never been retaken …

  • Stormcrest Mountains

    Mountain range to the north of Belhaven. They splinter off eventually in the northeast and become the the Wyvernwatch Mountains at the edge of the Elsir Vale. The former dwarven refuge of [[Harlode]] runs deep within the mountains, and rumor holds that …

  • Thanduven Keep

    An outpost to the south of [[Sarubel]] which houses the [[Knights of the Turning Wheel]].

  • Underdark

    A vast subterranean network of interconnected caverns and tunnels, stretching beneath entire continents. The Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to creatures which are not native to it. Various areas within the Underdark house the drow, mind …

  • Karkoth

    A fallen empire far to the east of the remains of [[Nerath]]. The third part of the Rod of Seven Parts apparently lies there.

  • Selduria

    The main continent of the World, composed of a series of land masses which surround the [[Sapphire Sea]]. A rough map of Selduria is available "here":http://wizards.com/dnd/images/nerathboard.jpg. Please note: while this map is available to players for …

  • Barony of Therund

    The greater overall region which houses [[Belhaven]], [[Caernaeth]], [[Turathan]], [[Sarubel]], and [[Harlode]]. The name is somewhat of a misnomer, as there has not been a Baron in power since the fall of Nerath. Consequently, most people don't refer to …

  • Sarthel

    A large and prosperous city far to the southeast of [[Belhaven | Belhaven]], Sarthel survived the fall of [[Nerath | Nerath]] relatively unscathed. Sarthel is nestled between arid farmland and mountains rich in ore, providing the city with a vast amount …

  • Vor Rukoth

    One of the great cities of [[Bael Turath]], and the last to fall. Vor Rukoth was ruled by Lady Najala, sister of the Turathi Emperor. The ruins of the city lie far to the east of [[Belhaven]].

  • Vor Kragal

    A lost redoubt of the tiefling Empire of [[Bael Turath]]. Its location is unknown.

  • Vor Baroth

    Flying pyramidal war city of the Empire of [[Bael Turath]]. Its fate is unknown.

  • Arkhosia

    The empire of the dragonborn, led by their dragon emperor The Golden One, located primarily to the south of Bael Turath. The two major powers eventually came into conflict and unleashed a decades-long war which would devastate the world.

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