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  • Luke

    1.) What is your character's name? Other nicknames? His community called him Leaps before Looking. He goes by Luke (which he actually prefers) when outside of that community. 2.) What does your character look like? Luke has dark brown fur with a …

  • Selvren

    Suitor of [[:lyrabel-ithronost]] who really just wants to use her status to elevate himself.

  • Waldred Ithronost

    Father of [[:derreth-ithronost]] and [[:lyrabel-ithronost]]. His relationship with Derreth is strained at best, though Lyrabel of course remain in favor as always.

  • Adellia Ithronost

    Mother of [[:derreth-ithronost]] and [[:lyrabel-ithronost]]. She's an astrologer/astronomer for the House, and supports Derreth more than most of the rest of the family.

  • Quinn

    Human male alchemist in [[House Ithronost]]. Quinn is intensely jealous of [[:luke]]'s quick rise in status within the House.

  • Arristan Ithronost

    Arristen is the current Duke of [[House Ithronost]]. He is known to be a sorcerer who doesn't take his role exceptionally seriously, and often escapes to have incognito escapades. His manner is bombastic and haphazard, with a fiery temper attributed by …

  • Felan Dostar

    The trusted chamberlain to [[:arristan-ithronost | Duke Arristan]] of [[House Ithronost | Ithronost]], he is also likely the highest ranking among the Kith of the House. His natural tendencies as a half-elf incline him toward courtly graces and encourage …

  • Theon Ithronost

    Human male approaching old age. Master of Coins for [[House Ithronost]] and uncle by marriage to [[:arristan-ithronost | Duke Arristan]], which makes him the treasurer of the House. It's fairly well-known within the House that his position owes much to …

  • Myriah Tarlen

    Myriah is the Mistress of Cups for [[House Ithronost]]. As such, she presides over the House's religious affairs. She's in charge of the House's ties to the various churches and shrines as well as overseeing the integration of divine magic into the House' …

  • Thelind Ambaralon

    Eladrin Master of Staves for House Ithronost. His duties include overseeing arcane research, as well as maintaining relations with the Royal Academy and other such arcane organizations throughout the world. As such, he knows more about events outside …

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