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  • Luke

    1.) What is your character's name? Other nicknames? His community called him Leaps before Looking. He goes by Luke (which he actually prefers) when outside of that community. 2.) What does your character look like? Luke has dark brown fur with a …

  • Lily Full of Grace

    Shaman-in-training in the razorclaw clowder. Lily is a shy girl who is love with [[:luke]], around whom she becomes ever more shy.

  • Autumn's Harmony

    [[:luke]]'s older sister, who frequently disapproves of Luke's decisions but is willing to help him regardless. She's very protective of her younger brother.

  • Stalwart Oak

    Brother to [[:lily-full-of-grace]], he has taken [[:luke]]'s place within the clowder and looks down on Luke.

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