My Dinner with Demons

Dinner was had with the Ithronost family alongside Valdara, the great-great-grandmother of Derreth and Lyrabel. During conversation, the elven matriarch revealed that her father was an adventuring companion of Boresas and that the dwarf’s death may not have been what Kresh believes it to be. She also intimated to Renard later that she was dying of old age (despite her twentysomething appearance) and that this was her last visit to her family before passing.

In the morning, the adventurers attended a meeting of the Duke’s Mastery, the council which advises him. The Mastery worked out a deal with the adventurers to root out the devil cult, though the Duke’s agreement to march on Harlode came as a surprise to Korinn Vathra, the Mistress of Swords. Chamberlain Felan Dostar advised the party to perhaps follow up on Echo‘s suggestion of rooting out Ethelgrad to learn the details of his group’s rival.

The PCs fanned out and began investigations, which led them to a secret area deep within the territory along the river which belongs to House Delrenn. After an altercation with a halfling criminal group, the PCs entered the secret door. Inside, they found a dungeon adapted to the use of the cult of Yeenoghu and fought with some demons and cultists.

Ruins of Caernaeth

The PCs further explored the ruins of Caernaeth, experiencing odd spacetime fluctuations. Eventually they discovered that the laboratory area in question had been used in attempts to link world with different chronal procession for communication purposes.

Upon arriving back at Belhaven, they found themselves summoned before the Duke, who charged them with the task of investigating the devil cult in exchange for gold, land, and military backing. He also punished Echo for misrepresenting the House and would have killed the tiefling had Lyrabel not spoken up for him.

When all was said and done, Derreth invited everyone back to his family estate for dinner.

Orcs and Mazes

The party headed west from Belhaven on their trek to Caernaeth Along the way, Derreth had a brief vision of something nasty crawling across the face of the sun. The next day, they encountered a band of Hearteater Orcs, far away from their standard territory, engaged in discussion with a gnoll. The gnoll fled as the party engaged the orcs. Afterward, they learned that the gnoll was attempting to negotiate an alliance of some kind between the orcs and the forces of the demon lord Morthak, though the orcs clearly didn’t trust the gnoll.

Later that day, the party encountered Mirunai Emethen and the Gilded Wall, who escorted them to the border of the ruins and provided hospitality and advice regarding delving in the wreckage.

The following morning, they entered the ruins of Caernaeth and headed through a hedge maze. Inside, they found a number of magical oddities and narrowly escaped a trapped section of the maze.

Session #2

The party investigated the public assassination of a scion of House Ithronost, uncovering an Asmodean cult which odd connections to the Pelorite church. Echo‘s methods and behaviors began to make the party uneasy. He later suggested that the party would need to lie low, and they decided to go to Caernaeth to attempt to seek fortune while the attention from the first session’s events dies down.

Game # 1
She Blinded Me with Lightning Scorpions

Since this was the first game and not exactly fresh in my memory, Im’a summarize as fast as I can.

The party met with Echo, and learned that two Stormclaw Scorpions had been stolen from House Lorain. The party was hired to steal these items from the bandits in the name of House Ithronost. Upon investigating the site of robbery, the party was attacked by goblins. One of these goblins informed that party that the mated pair of arachnids had been taken by a Halfling and some other bandits.

At the bandit hideout, the party found the items in question, and hastily mopped up the bandits. The White Crescent, a mercenary party (including Thrask, one of Luke’s rivals) sent by House Lorain intercepted them. The party was forced to fast talk out of the situation while the two Stormclaw Scorpions were carried to safety.


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