Renard Tamin

Vryloka Blackguard (Fury)


Tall, broad man with pale skin and fire red hair shaved close to stubble on his head and face. His body is covered in scars, including one horizontal one right over his nose and under his eyes.


- The Tamin family has resided in Belhaven for over ten generations. They’ve always been a wealthy family, though they stayed far from politics or other social affairs. There are too many who whisper that the Tamin line is cursed. That sometimes, by chance or fate, a child is born to the Tamins with fire-red hair and pale skin; and that this child will be destruction to the world. The family has stayed small because of this, those who do procreate tend to bear a single a child and count their blessings that nothing has gone wrong. In the ten generations that have lived in Belhaven, only three such children have been born. The first was killed by it’s parents as an infant; the second was a scapegoat for everything bad to happen to Belhaven, before being killed by the townsfolk as a child; and the third is Renard Tamin.

- Valoa married Crioss Tamin originally for the wealth of the family; but soon a real relationship formed from there. They had two sons: Wayland and Renard; Renard being the younger by four years. Wayland’s birth was intentional, and his dark hair at birth gave both parents a sigh of relief. Renard, on the other hand, was an accident. It took a few months before his red hair began to grow; but it was undeniable. Still, Valoa and Crioss couldn’t bring themselves to kill their child; and instead kept his head shaved to hide his hair even as he grew into a child.

- Hiding Renard’s true hair did keep him from persecution; but other evidence began to form. He would have terrible fits as a child that grew more violent as he grew into his teens. Too many children and even adults were beaten too close to death by the boy. Hiding his ‘condition’ was no longer enough, and Renard’s parents began to look for alternatives to cure the boy. Changes in diet and blood-letting were the least severe. While they kept him weak, they didn’t stop him from trying to be violent. Eventually he was given to the Church of Kord with most of the family fortune in the hopes they could exorcise or cure him. They kept him for years, putting him through all sorts of torture and training to tame the berserker inside of him.

- He was deemed cured at the age of nineteen and released from the church. Renard had petitioned to join the church, but was politely declined. After all, they knew the truth about the boy. Renard still considers himself a ‘warrior of Kord,’ since it was in Kord’s wisdom and strength that he was cured and controlled. He’s spent the last few years running around doing odd jobs, though mostly work as a mercenary. Looking for money to send home, and general experiences that he missed in his cloistered childhood.

Renard Tamin

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