Razorclaw Shifter Ranger multiclassed into Seeker


1.) What is your character’s name? Other nicknames?
His community called him Leaps before Looking. He goes by Luke (which he actually prefers) when outside of that community.

2.) What does your character look like?
Luke has dark brown fur with a hint of auburn. He is very lithe in his build. His build is very fit but not bulky.

3.) What is your style and attitude?
Luke likes his clothes to be very functional. Although he does like his shiny bobbles, he doesn’t like things hanging off of his body and getting in the way of his movements.

4.) Do you have any quirks we should know about?
Luke, like a good adrenaline junky, likes to challenge himself. He’ll try to climb/jump off things, even if you aren’t supposed to.

5.) What kind of first impression do you make?
Generally Luke comes off as very intense at first meeting.

6.) Where do you hail from?
Luke was born in Belhaven in amongst his people who have set up something of a cloistered community. He is third oldest of the first generation born in Belhaven.

7.) What is your best quality as a person? Worst?

I’d say Luke is pretty optimistic, but he also thinks he is untouchable.

8.) Describe your personality in two words:

Goal-oriented Marksman

9.) Describe your favorite things/lease favorite things:

Favorite: Shiney bobbles, kittens, Loving family

Least Favorite: Sticky or gooey things (takes forever to get out of the fur), Judgmental family,

10.) Allies/Enemies:
Luke can call on his Clowder for pretty much anything, but he doesn’t. He does however hate and pursue the elimination of the Orcs who took his triobe’s land.

11.) Romantic life?
Luke has most recently been seeing another Kith of House Ithronost, Cassi. She is a Half-elf (I was thinking Shielding Swordmage). The thing with Cassi is very new and we are both more concentrating in other things and keeping it kind of casual.

12.) What do you fear? Luke’s biggest fear would probably be being buried alive.

13.) Who do you look up to? My Father, Magnificent Tiger, has always been everything to everyone. He’s never floundered and never asked for anything for himself.

14.) What offer would make you be a jerk to the party?
Killing the Orcs and taking back the lands of his people with certainty that noone will take them from them again

15.) What principle matters to you the most?


16.) What is your most treasured possession? Why?
The bow I took from an Orc the first time I killed one. It was the first strike I made back

17.) Who do you value most in the entire world?
I would say my entire family, but if I had to choose I would say my older sister.

18.) What are your ambitions? (What are your social, professional and romantic goals?
(Social and Professional) I would like to get my tribe’s lands back by either buying it legitimately or taking it back from the orcs by force.

(Romantic) Luke would like to settle down and have a family at some point. Eventhough his family and people is important, he’s more looking for a type of person than trying to stay within any race.

19.) Where do you picture yourself in 20 years?
Hopefully having won back his tribes lands and settling there with his family. He’d accept being chief if need be.

20.) What kind of work have you done to pay the bills?
Luke works as a research aid and dungeoneering specialist for House Ithronost.

21.) What are your political/religious beliefs? Luke doesn’t have any particular religious or political beliefs. He doesn’t really follow the beliefs of his people, who have a Natrualistic Spiritual belief.

22.) Do you have any hobbies? (How do you pass the time?) Luke is always up for a game of chance and holds down many a barstool doing this regularly, although he doesn’t get in trouble with it usually by walking away from the table as soon as he runs out of money for that night. He’s specifically fond of primero.

23.) Most proud/shameful event?

Proud: Luke took the Orc bow back to his father and his father was very proud of his prowess for having taken it at the age of 13.

Shameful: Luke got in an argument with his mother publicly a few years back. When she said that this is what the spirits must have wanted for them, he responded with some very blasphemous things.

24.) What have you been doing for the last few months? Working for the most part.

25.) What advice would you give your character?
Slow down and stop ignoring the little details.


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