Kresh Ironback

Dwarven Two-Shield Fighter


Dwarf Fighter (Weaponmaster)
Arena Training


The following is a fabrication, any relation to actual events or characters living or dead is purely coincidence.

Innnn West Belhaven born and raised
The Arena is where I spent most of my days
Killin and Axin’ relaxing all cool
I was makin a living beatin all the fools
When a strange old dwarf who was up to no good
Was talkin shit about me in my neighborhood
We got in one huge fight and he kicked my ass
He said, It’s time for you to be like your ancestor Boresas!

I asked him for some training and when he came round
He said fighting with shields is how our people throwdown!
If anything I could tell that this style was old
But I thought nah, forget it, lets do it for Harlode!

He trained me for a while but then got murdered one night
He told me, “fuckin demons, they started this fight!”
I thought of my destiny, and what it would bode
to take up the title, as the champ of Harlode

Kresh Ironback

Belhaven dapperlad