Why are there no Owlbears

The party arrived near Sarubel in time to rescue Bulwark, Aric Lyonne, and a razorclaw shifter who’d been sent to the Knights of the Turning Wheel. They had been attacked while on patrol by a band of Bloodspear Orcs who seemed to be journeying south. Bulwark escorted the party to Thanduven Keep to recuperate and rest, noting that on the morrow the new merchants’ guild leader wished to speak with them.

While walking through town the next morning, the party witnessed a gruesome accident as a worked fell from a ladder while working on a house. However, quick investigation revealed this to be no accident. The merchant guild master, Lord Tuanek from House Kaivan came quickly and appointed the party to investigate the matter.

Investigation quickly turned hostile, though, when they realized that the foreman of the site was trying to stall and delay their investigation to keep the party from going inside the house. He soon revealed his form as that of a wereserpent and had his crew attack. Further investigation revealed that the house hid a tunnel, which appeared to lead through a series of temple chambers devoted to Zehir. The party made their way through as much of the temple as possible…



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