To Catch a Massive Draconian Predator

The party set off in pursuit of Calastryx. Before they left, Renard agreed to enter the service of Oligarch Davian II as one of his knights. On the way to the mountains to pass over into the Nentir Vale, they ran into a village which had been used by the dragon like a highway rest stop. There they met a family of wandering tieflings who had stopped to aid the villagers. The daughter of the family, Muse, read the fortunes of most of the party, predicting things which seemed mostly true and somewhat magical.

The party left the next morning, but soon realized that they had gotten lost. Some quick thinking and keen observation revealed that they were in the Feywild. After a brief discussion with some harried gnomes, the party encountered a rather zealous patrol of watchmen. They captured the watchmen and went to see their master, Sir Malindros.

Sir Malindros agreed to send the party back home, but revealed that a contract with the Prince of Hearts prevented him from performing any service without receiving something in return first. He asked the Silver Aegis to investigate the giant hunters which had harried the gnomes for so long.



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