Shot in the Dark

Having easily dispatched the Phantom Brigade knights, the party headed to the roof to combat the perytons and rescue Malachi. After their victory, they debated what to do with the remaining peyton egg, ultimately deciding to eat it rather than allow it to fall into the wrong hands. Back at the village a feast was held in their honor including a rather gamey peryton omelette.

They finally found the pyramid in a cave nestled within the mountains. The pyramid was wrapped in a ward of hellfire and seemed to link to other locations, assumed to be other building sites for the pyramids. A guardian made of chains blocked their way out and announced their impending doom in the voice of Araonna Loathari, who remotely piloted the guardian. The party undid the wards and stepped through the pyramid’s gate to an unknown location.

That unknown location proved to be the Vein Maze of House Kahlir in Vor Kragal. Theadora‘s recent studies of that city proved useful as she disclosed to the party that they were in a horrible maze designed by a noble house of vampire tieflings for the exsanguination of thousands of prisoners of war. Renard’s Spirit of Vice helped point them to the way out and also indicated that the terrifyingly powerful Blood King of House Kahlir dwelt deep within the maze. The party began the trek out of the maze, encountering some particularly nasty vampiric mists and the husks of the Arkhosian victims of Kahlir’s depredations.



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