I Find Your Lack of Owlbears Disturbing

…eventually culminating in the discovery that their quarry managed to escape them, but left behind a note explaining that the cult believed it had been set up. They turned the captured cultists over to the guard and went to claim their reward. Lord Tuanek was displeased by their discoveries but pleased with their success.

They left for Belhaven soon thereafter, accompanied by Barus Stonehand and his fellow travelers from the northern city of Hammerfast. Barus had come to the city in the hopes of convincing the champions of the tournament to come investigate recent fiery eruptions from Forgepeak in the nearby Dawnforge Mountains. Barus feared that the three headed dragon Calastryx might be waking from the spell that held it in slumber.

In the city, the party delivered the twins to their family and discovered that Caladir Emethen wished audience with them. Prepared for the worst, they agreed to meet with him. Instead of the confrontation they expected, he broke down and told them the truth: he had been sent on a mission of a mercy killing from the future.

It seems that at some point in the Dawn War Pelor became infected by an entity from the Far Realm. The future Pelor (hereafter referred to as the Tyrant Sun) was unable to withstand the pressures put upon him by this, and in his aspect as the Sun of the World, burst from his normal bonds and burned the World to a cinder. Filled with shame and regret, he decided the best course of action would be to use his power as the Keeper of Time to attempt to prevent this event. He made a deal with Asmodeus, since Asmodeus was the only known non-demon to have killed a god, and sent Caladir back in time along with Araonna Loathari and some Asmodean forces. The infiltration of the Church, the sabotage to political and mercantile structures, and the general chaos surrounding Belhaven are all part of the greater plan to disrupt Pelor’s influence and kill him before his infection can grow any further.

Taken aback by this frankly unbelievable news, the party decided to continue to investigate while Emethen stood as their inside man. For now, though, there was a tournament to attend.



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