I Am the Wizard Queen

The Aegis decided to talk tot he nearby gnome tunnel-village to try to find out more about these giant hunters. En route, they enraged a pack of thunderhoof boars and began a rapid chase down the hill to try to escape thundery hoofy death. The gnomes told them they were dealing with a pack of firbolgs who were hunting outside their normal territory (markedly abnormal for the firbolgs). The Aegis found a nearby encampment of hunters and dispatched them, reserving one firbolg for questioning.

As it turns out, the firbolgs had been enchanted to do the will of a new mistress, the Witch of the Shadowed Heart. The Witch, thought by some to be no more than a faerie story, held sway over the power of tormented love, and sought the ley line nexus at the heart of Sir Malindros’ keep. Worse, if killed, she would simply return unless someone else took upon herself the burden of becoming the next Witch.

So naturally the Aegis rolled up and jacked her and all her homies. I’m not sure why this paragraph is written so informally but you’ll just have to deal with it. After beating her and her firbolgs down, Theadora ate the Witch’s heart and became the new Witch of the Shadowed Heart. This probably hasn’t helped her rep with the dwarves any.



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