Elven Throat Singers

The Aegis returned to Sir Malindros and discovered that the lady love for whom he made a deal with the Prince of Hearts was none other than Valyra Moonshadow, kin to the Ithronost twins. Sir Malindros took them to the fey crossing at the ley line nexus and sent them back to the World.

En route to Hammerfast, the Aegis decided to check in on their secondary goal: removing the Iron Circle from the Harkenwold. They determined that the Iron Keep in Harken proper contained perhaps a hundered soldiers and dozens of subservient devils, and that the threat of a full scale rebellion would be enough to convince their leader, Nazin Redthorn, to take his forces to the field and command them personally. The party decided to try to whip the people of the Harkenwold into rebellion.

On the way there, they met Eriyel of the Woodsinger Elves, who pledged fifty elven bows to the cause in exchange for a service rendered by the Aegis. The party quickly went about removing the skeletal mage Yisarn from the nearby ruins of the eladrin outpost Dal Nystierre and ending his plans to decimate the elves.



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